Do I have to be a member of RunTOBeer to participate?

Heck no!

Can a team be entered with an uneven number of runners?

Sure! But if you're hoping to win your team will be considered one member larger than the number you registered with (so a team of three will be considered a quartet... a really ambitious solo runner would compete against teams of two).

What comprises a mixed team?

A mixed team is at least 50% female (but less than 100%, obviously).

Does every team start at the same time?

All teams start at 9:00 a.m.

How many exchange points are there?

As many as you like. Wherever you choose to hand off is up to you. You can have a team of six where each person does three equal legs. You could have a team of two where one runner does the first and last legs, with the other runner doing the entire middle section. Your relay strategy is entirely your choice.

If I don't have a team but want to join one, can you help with that?

We'll do our best, but can't promise anything.

If I have a team but not enough members, can you help with that?

As above, we'll try.

What if it's really hot or stormy?

Runners are obliged to use their discretion. 2018's race was a very stormy one. 2019 was extremely hot & sunny at the finish. There are no refunds. If the weather is too extreme for your level of comfort please keep in mind your $50.00 goes to support a really great cause.