We are community.

We don't claim to be the only place runners come together, but everyone - regardless of who they normally run with - is welcome at RunTOBeer. We have a strict #NoAssholes policy

We are local.

We support Ontario craft beer, neighbourhood bars & pubs, Toronto charities, and community events.

We are charitable.

Since 2017, we've raised more than $30,000 for Good Foot Delivery. We also support several other charitable ventures.

We are accessible.

All paces. All abilities. We do our best to ensure that everyone is welcome and has an opportunity to run with us.

We are Canadian.

Run. Snow? Rain? Hail? Heat? Beer. Yup.

It all started when…

2014. It had been the worst winter in recent memory, with terms like "polar vortex" and "frost quake" entering the lexicon. A season's worth of ice storms, water main breaks, multi-vehicle pile ups and predictable Maple Leafs results had blackened the spirits of Toronto. It was a dark time in our great city's history.

Sunday, March 2nd was worse than most days in the bleak winter of '14, when two strangers shook hands for the first time. At the gates of Trinity Bellwoods they waited in -20 degree conditions for the others to arrive. But no one came.

Finally, they ran.

Streets, like poorly maintained curling sheets, tested their concentration... and their luck. Crooked, uneven trails replaced hibernating city sidewalks. Shoppers, from parked cars to storefronts, darted into their path while seemingly random sandwich boards added still another layer of obstacles.

Into an onslaught of ice crystals they stumbled forward, like drunken Plinko chips towards their goal. The wind howled and the sun hid.

Finally, five frozen kilometers later, teeth chattering like possessed typewriters, the pair arrived at the Distillery District.

And there was beer.

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